Lipsticks you can’t live without…

Hello again!

Today I’m going to be showing you some of my favourite lipsticks for the winter season, as you’ll soon learn I love lipstick! It can transform absolutely any look and outfit.

Typically darker colours are worn in winter but a bright coloured lipstick can often add some vibrancy to a darker outfit (along with a jazzy neck scarf.) Although dark colours look great too!

My favourite lipstick at the moment is Maybelline Magnetic Magenta 950, at £6.99 there is no reason not to buy this product! When wearing this lipstick there’s no need for eye makeup because the colour does the talking! When applied onto the lips there’s a very matte effect without the usual drying effect that matte tends to have however apply lip balm beforehand never did anybody any harm! Another great thing about this lipstick is you can apply it once in the morning and may only ever need to top it up once through the day, if that!

Maybelline Magnetic Magenta 950

Topshop Lips in Straight Ace is another energetic colour that I wear when I feel indifferent and indecisive. This is a colour that you put on and instantly feel more lively. This lipstick is brilliant and is very much like the Maybelline Magnetic, as it stays on all day however I would definitely recommend applying a layer of lip balm before applying this as it can dry lips out if not.

Topshop Lips in Straight Ace

Another one I love is YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ SHINE, FUSCHIA IN EXCESS 5. The colour of this lipstick is classic pink, very bright and colourful. There’s a glossy effect to this lipstick when applied and an even greater moisture added to your lips. This colour’s very like a striking red, very classic and will never go out of style. It can be worn at any age, for any occasion, right from doing your weekly shop to celebrities on the red carpet. There’s no need to put lip balm on before applying this lipstick however I would recommend lip liner for this product to help it last longer.



Like myself, many of you may have struggled with the nude lipstick. Too nude and you’re washed out and look like a ghost, too matte and you’ve aged yourself 10 years! We all have those days where the commitment of a red lipstick can be too much, we unlike the colour are not feeling so vibrant. But do not despair! I have found the perfect lipstick for you! CHANEL ROUGE ALLURE, 91 SEDUISANTE has become one of my favourite casual colours. This gives you a hint of colour without standing out. This lipstick can be worn on those days where you’re not feeling so great, teamed with the natural make up look or if you’re looking to tone down a striking eyeshadow. Quite like YSL there’s no need for lip balm or moistures with this lipstick, it glides on perfectly and leaves a small shine as well as being a natural colour so you’re able to stay understated and style it in whatever way you please.



Combining Kate Moss with Rimmel London was obviously going to be nothing less than cool and elegant. This collection definitely lived up to expectations. Thus why Lasting Finish by Kate Moss, 30 is on this list. The colour of this lipstick is slightly burgundy and very autumnal. There’s also a glossy shine that adds to the moisture of this and makes your lips look fuller. There’s no need for lip balm with this lipstick however lip liner will help this one stay on longer throughout the day and prevent it from bleeding.


Lasting Finish by Kate Moss, 30

Last but not least, Bourjois Rouge Edition, Rouge Podium 15. I couldn’t leave out the classic red lipstick! Red lipstick is a timeless piece that should be part of anybody’s make up collection. There are so many brilliant red lipsticks however I felt I should mention Bourjois new Rouge Edition. The selection of colours from this collection are gorgeous but in particular the quality of the lipstick is great! There’s no need for lip balm or lip liner for this lipstick (but like I’ve said before, it’s never hurt anybody.) This colour is a bright but also deep red, that leaves a natural shine on the lips and can be worn with absolutely any outfit and look marvellous.


 Bourjois Rouge Edition, Rouge Podium 15

Thank you so much for spending the time to read this and I really hope you enjoyed it! As always any feedback and comments are more than welcome!




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