(Happy) New Years!

Hello again!

Sorry about my lack of presence these past few weeks, as you all may know it’s been Christmas which involves a lot of running around after family and seeing people you’ve not seen all year!

However we’re in 2016 now so let’s focus on that! I’m not one for making New Years Resolutions, I’m more for setting myself little goals that if I fail so be it but this year I’ve done differently (or almost the same). I’ve heard of these things called Goldfish Resolutions. What are these may you ask? Well I’ll tell you

A goldfish resolution for example is setting yourself the goal to “prioritize your health” rather than lose 4 stone by March! It’s setting yourself small goals that will increase the happiness and health in your life rather than something that causes you stress and quick frankly makes you feel even worse about yourself!

So mine are these

  • Eat more fruit
  • Start painting again
  • Save more, spend less

And there we have it. Despite the last one being a possible challenge it will definitely benefit me so why not give it ago? So what’s yours?

Have a wonderful 2016 and keep being wonderful,

Yours truly, Jess X


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